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Meet The Team

Pete Sheath

Owner, Creative Director

As Creative Director, it’s Pete’s job to oversee the ideas and projects the rest of the team are working on, to work with clients on ideation and consider the production needs for execution. He takes responsibility for the creative philosophy [Your Vision + Our Creativity] and standard of output across Studio 44 Media Ltd.

As well as overseeing the in-house work and development, Pete pitches concepts to clients, presents key developments in person, liaises with the client to keep them informed and up to date, keeps the deadlines and signs off the projects before delivery.

When he’s not running the day to day of Studio 44 Media Ltd, Pete can be found exploring the joys of aerial videography, spending time with his lovely wife Joey and their three kids, playing the piano and is actively involved with a local church who aim to make a difference in their local neighbourhood.

Offers Clients:

Project Management

Handling all of the client requirements from initial conversation to final delivery, Pete oversees all of Studio 44’s time management, logistics, touch points and project development. 

Offers Clients:

On Set Direction

With years of experience of presenting in front of the camera or in front of a live audience, Pete understands what it takes to help get the most out of the talent on set as well as the film crew.

Directing the Studio 44 team to get those dynamic shots, using cinematic lighting, crisp audio and all the while keeping his eyes fixed on the storyboard, Pete works hard to get the most out of the production days.

Thomas Fenton

For each and every project, concepts and ideas are critical to the producing a successful asset. But great ideas only take you so far, you need to know how to present them and what resources will be needed to pull it off. Enter Thomas Fenton. Take a set of skills that covers animation, web design, app development, video for corporate and broadcast, audio and lighting, combing that with years of working in the industry and experience leading projects in the digital marketing space, and you’re left with an incredible resource we like to call Tom. For nearly twenty years, Thomas has worked with clients of all types and sizes and has amassed an encyclopaedic knowledge of digital asset making. Whether that’s through his person pursuit of music, his business pursuits with video and tech or his own travels and experiences, he brings a wealth of experience into every project. He appreciates a “g’day mate” so reach out and see how we can help you achieve your digital targets.
With his wife and two beautiful kids, Thomas is often seen hanging out behind the BBQ making sure that everyone has a beer in hand (children excluded). Spending time with Thomas will inevitably draw you into conversations about sport, and most dear to his heart are Manchester United. Thankfully they are on the up, let’s just not mention that Ronaldo shirt he bought last season…

Offers Clients:


Thomas has an incredible ability to see the possibilities of a project and will be able to help you arrive at a solution that suits not only your wants but more importantly, your needs. He is really good at guiding clients beyond their initial idea, towards something that adds value and remains ‘you’.

Offers Clients:


Thomas is at ease on big sets organising large crews and making sure that the big machine delivers on the storyboard and overall concept. You can be sure that his warm presence on set elevates others to give their best, relaxes the talent and keeps everyone on track to achieve.

Tim Coleman

Expert Storyteller, Director of Photography
Every individual and organisation has a story to tell. Crafting that story in a way that engages, informs and inspires your audience is a wonderful challenge. Sometimes, you need expert help to see your idea become a reality (or to give you the idea in the first place). You’ve connected with Pete and shared your idea. Tim then gets involved as Studio 44’s in-house Expert Storyteller and DoP to see where we can take that idea. It’s a bit like opening a jigsaw box and putting all of the pieces together until a clear and beautiful picture is revealed. For more than fifteen years, Tim has honed his craft in photo, video production and the written word. In 2014, he followed a calling on his life to ‘go, tell stories that matter’ and moved to East Africa where he has been documenting life-changing stories for a faith-based non-profit.
Along with his wife and three young children, Tim now divides his time between East Africa and the UK and is part of the Studio 44 team. With a solid grasp of marketing, Tim can help you visualise your story idea and ensure that story is told well and looks the part. Life isn’t all about work! Tim loves to sweat it out on the trails and football fields, dream of outdoor adventures with family and friends with a tent and camera strapped to his back, and to be inspired by other visual storytellers. Ply him with salted caramel goodies and anything is possible.

Offers Clients:

Story Craft

Be it a video or even a marketing campaign, you’ll need someone to drive forward that idea and craft it in a way that will engage, inspire and inform your audience. Story Craft picks up from the idea stage and drives forward to the moment we are on set. Tim is an active part of those pre-production meetings, he listens to you and puts all of the jigsaw pieces together until the picture is complete.

Offers Clients:

Camera Monkey

With more than 15 years experience in the photo and video industry, Tim has a firm and wide grasp of camera technicals and visual aesthetics. He knows how to use a camera for video and photography and how to compose the image and sequences to bring together a beautiful looking picture.

Nick Veira

Cameraman, Assistant Director

Bio on Nick is coming soon.
He’s a very private chap…

In the meantime you can look at his latest work at: www.nvmedia.com

Pete Grey

Motion Graphics Designer

Pete creates engaging motion graphics for Studio44 projects. He loves getting involved early, helping shape elements of the storyboard to ensure motion graphics blend with live action, and understands the delicate balance between introducing dynamic content while communicating information clearly. Give him some brand assets, graphs, on screen text or existing promo material – and Pete will bring it to life.

Pete lives in Bath with his young family, guinea pig and six fish. His MEng degree has come in handy, as he understands some of the principles involved when he is landscaping his garden or making Rhubarb wine.