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On Location – Rwanda: Africa

This short video shares some of the places and faces of Rwanda, which was shot when working with the charity Compassion UK. Compassion work to some of the worlds poorest children. Connecting them with donors from around the globe, Compassion give these children access to healthcare, education, family support workers, food and clothing.

A personal journey

It was a privilege to head out and meet the families benefitting from these projects. Seeing the way in which their lives had been changed was truly humbling. Speaking with the team we heard incredible stories of lives changed. One of the most inspiring stories was from a former sponsored child who now works for the charity. I believe that is the hallmark of a successful charity. If those you once worked with become part of your organisation to bring hope to others, that is amazing!

Rather than an up and out approach to poverty, this is an up and turn around approach. That is how you create lasting change.

As a result, the trip impacted me so much that my family and I now sponsor two children. It is a special thing to be part of a child’s life in this way. In the West we have grown up in a world of privilege and opportunity. Purely by virtue of what country you are born in a set of parameters are established, all by themselves. These parameters determine most of your life and choices. However, it is not right that geography determines who has and who does not, is it? I believe it is our duty as citizens of earth and fellow members of humanity to reach out to those in need.

As you watch this film for the next 60 seconds, consider the ways in which you could make a difference in the life of another. 

This project was led by Nick Veira. An incredibly talented videographer who just happens to be a part of our team! Nick has his own company, NVMedia, and led the project to deliver a number of videos for the charity and as part of their digital messaging.

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