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Broad ranging, client focused, audience driven – digital content to make a difference.

We offer a wide range of support in the creation of your film. From Creative Development through to Final Delivery, you can be confident that we can achieve your goals from the outset.

We work with small businesses, corporate clients, brands and charities to create meaningful content for their stories.

To learn more about the creative journey we take, scroll through our service offerings.
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Client Focus

Understanding your story is the single most important part of the production process.

Without it, we could produce the most visually stunning and beautiful film, but with little or no relevance to your audience. The whole production process hinges on building and developing the connection between ourselves and our clients - it's no surprise that communication is everything.

Through research and conversations, we immerse ourselves in your story to see the world through your eyes, in order to better connect your audience to the power of your message.

As a result of good communication and seeking to understand the world of our clients, we are able to tell an authentic story. A story that is supported by relevant b-roll or stock footage that accurately portrays the world you and your clients occupy. We want to hear your successes and challenges, how you’re making a difference in your sphere of influence and how people who encounter your business are impacted for the better.

We love meeting with our clients for that first briefing. Sitting down and being invited into a world that we don't usually occupy. Hearing your stories, innovation and passion inspires us to create something unique. An engaging story and a powerful message will make an impression on your audience and we want to help you achieve that.

In order for us to connect with your audience better, we need to get to know you first. It all starts with ‘Hello’.

Client Focus photo by Roman Trifonov on Unsplash

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Creative Development

The goal of creative development is to get under the skin of the client's problem and find an attractive solution that tells the right story.

Our collaborative approach to this process means that our clients are part of the conversation throughout production, and our commitment is to be a partner that, yes creates a product, but along the way asks the difficult questions, poses some options and guides the creative process through a forest of possibilities.

Using the example of a service offering, let's walk through the practicalities of the pre-production phase, a.k.a. Creative Development, and what you can expect from us.

1Agree timeline
During the initial client meeting, we look at when the delivery is expected and work backwards from that allowing time for revisions in the edit, enough time for the production phase, and look at adequate time for Creative Development.

2Create Concepts
We create up to 3 concepts per film. These concepts generally are called; ‘safe’, ‘creative’ and ‘out there’. We do this in order to gauge our client's approach but also to offer something different that they might not have thought of.

3Present Concepts
When presenting the concepts we include images, key words to communicate, and a storyline to connect the film. We talk about what the look and feel of the film communicates, the overall mood, possibly animated sequences as well as the sort of music that would suit such a production.

When we have approval for a concept, we refine it. As well as building a storyboard, script, we create a short look and feel film which allows the client to see the production through our eyes. This final version is then presented to the client, for final sign-off before production.

This might seem like a rigorous process, and it is!

We do this to give our clients a clear view of what lies ahead and as much information to make critical decisions at an early stage, to avoid unnecessary and costly revisions later on.

Banner photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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This is the place where many of the 'on set' creative decisions are taken.
Shot choice, equipment lists and hiring - it's when we get our geek on.

At the root of this phase, we are pulling the ideas in the storyboard together with concrete methods and planning to ensure success on production day,

We do a site visit, building a picture of what is possible, consider the best angles, make shot lists, consider equipment choices, look at lighting solutions … a whole raft of considerations for each scene is built so that when we come to the Production Day, nothing is left to chance.

Pre-production is not only about practical elements of the shoot, we also want to make sure that whether we’re shooting actors or your own team, everyone is fully briefed and given the opportunity to meet the Director, rehearse lines and ask any questions they might have.

At Studio 44, we believe that one of the most powerful storytelling resources we have is you: your team, your people, your experience.

However, some people struggle to feel comfortable in front of camera and need some training to make sure we get the best take.

We take our role of storyteller very seriously and offer face-to-face or remote read-throughs, rehearsals, top tips, and a conversation with the Director.

This can make all the difference to the outcome on set.

Pre-Production Work photo by David Sager on Unsplash

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Cinematic lighting, beautiful shots, excellent audio, lots of fun: hallmarks of a Studio 44 production.

A shoot day is often the time that people are most excited, as it represents the culmination of all the planning and preparation. Whether it’s been days, weeks or months in development, this is the day where it all comes together.

"Studio 44 made our production day run as smoothly as it possibly could, so that we could concentrate on our message, while they handled everything else."

Our highly skilled team work hard to create the right scenes; for interviews, presentations, internal communications, cutaways (B-Roll), voiceovers, live action, products and more. Being mindful of your workplace and sensitive towards your environment.

Delivering for the industry standard High Definition, we also shoot in what is increasingly being seen as the industry standard format of Ultra High Definition (4K resolution), you can be confident that the final product will look good now and in the years to come.

We're very aware that not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera. It is often that we need to film people who fall into this category and we get it; having to become a TV presenter in 10 seconds flat is a tall order for anyone! At Studio 44 we have lots of experience of helping people feel at ease in front of camera.

Our personal approach combined with a natural ability to encourage you and set you at ease, help ensure that we capture you at your best.

Production Day photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

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Editing & Delivery

"We’ve worked with Studio 44 a number of times now and they never disappoint. All films have been delivered quickly, to a very high standard and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."
Rowenna Lowden, Marketing and Comms Manager

The place where your film comes to life.

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver an initial cut within a few days of the shoot, and next day if required.

We use an online portal ‘Frame.io' for team comments on the film, where our clients can literally draw, write or type at the exact place their comments relate. This keeps the conversation flowing, which is crucial to ensuring that the editing process is as productive as possible.

We generally offer three rounds of edits:

1The Rough Cut
where you get a good feel for how the storyboard is represented and where the animation fits in. This will be ‘ungraded’, meaning it will look desaturated and the image will appear flat.

2The Fine Cut
which builds from the rough cut comments and will have been colour-corrected, meaning it will look more vibrant than the rough cut.

3The Final Cut
where we tie it all together, and colour-grade the film to give it a common look and feel that's in keeping with your video brand guidelines.

Once it has been approved, we will make it available for download as a usable asset in your marketing strategy.

Post Production photo by Peter Stumpf on Unsplash

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Visual storytelling of a different kind.

Whether you want to create a film that features your team, an animated VoiceOver or a combination of the two, at Studio 44 we have great experience in creating the right piece of digital media for your campaign.

Animations for logo, titles, pre-existing layered assets, block, 2D or more complex — we are confident that we can find the right solution for you.

To explore how animation could take your production to new heights, contact us today:

Animation photo by Pat Krupa on Unsplash