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Stand or sit?

It feels like the sort of question that precedes another question, “scrunch or fold?”, but what I’m talking about today is the magic of a standing desk.

New into the Studio 44 Media offices is the addition of a (for the time being) standing desk. I’m not saying fights have broken out but let’s just say that people are arriving to work earlier than usual…

Ever since Instagram and Facebook decided I should be targeted for adverts showcasing the virtues of standing desks, I must confess I have taken a bit of an interest in these telescopic wonders. 

I’ve been sold health benefits, concentration boosts, efficiency in working routines, increased blood flow, less back issues and even a better sex life. Will the virtues of owning a motorised desk never end?!

That said, it did start my on the inevitable journey of owning a stand up, sit down desk and so far…I’m loving it.

It’s not been long since we decided to purchase the desk, but it took two months to arrive. Once all the pieces were finally within my grasp the joy of construction was mine. With very few injuries and a hastily tidied office the installation was complete.

Here began the several hours of setting just the right height for standing and sitting. Readjusting for different shoes. Purchasing an anti-fatigue mat. And then I was ready. Increased efficiency here I come!

Now, quite apart from being the envy of the office, whoever is in the hot seat has noted that they have actually found it to be beneficial. Both from an focus and efficiency perspective. It feels like you’re completing a mission with Jack Bauer (who, interesting fan fact, never sat down in his life). So maybe, just maybe we’re onto something.

We haven’t had the desk long enough to comment on the other *ahem* benefits of the stand up sit down desk, but if the early signs are anything to go by then we’re in for a good year all round.